Dating Problem of the Gorgaṭhṛi Temples


  • Shakirullah Associate Professor, Department of Archaeology Hazara University Mansehra KP, Pakistan 21300.


Gorgaṭhṛi, Gorakh Nāth, Ẓahīr ad Dīn Bābur, Avitabile, Mohan Dās, Raverty, Gopāl Dās


The temples of Gorgaṭhṛi (Pl. II), an important archaeological site in the old city of Peshāwar, have been differently dated by two recent authors. Of these Prof. (Dr.) Ibrahim Shah (2013: 39-45) suggested a date between CE 1823 to 1830, whereas Prof. (Dr.) Abdur Rahman (2019: 83-92) believes that the temples could have been, at the earliest, built any time after 1871. As the matter is of some academic interest, we thought to reopen the issue to see if there exists any scope for amelioration.




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