A Study of Confiscated Ceramics from Balochistan: The Collection of Islamabad Museum


  • Sana Ullah Shinwari MPhil Graduate, Taxila Institute of Asian Civilizations, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.


Balochistan, Archaeology, Naal and Kulli Cultures, Ceramics, Confiscated Materials


Ancient ceramics with attractive features of art have always fascinated the world and created a demand with a higher level of attraction for the artifacts. This has led the treasure hunters actively involved in looting the sites all around Balochistan. In the recent years, this phenomenon has increased at an alarming rate which endangered is harming to the archeology of Balochistan. Many consignments have been confiscated in the decade that include the artefacts from Balochistan. One of such consignments was confiscated in 2005 which includes the pottery of Naal and Kulli, a Bronze Age phase, from Balochistan. This research paper focuses on these artifacts have certainly lost their context, but they are still important as they give numerous clues about the ancient inhabitants of Balochistan. In order to understand these hidden clues, the authors have analyzed the artifacts through observations and comparisons. While doing so, we have been able to trace their tentative position in chronological profile of Balochistan. Apart from the descriptive study of pottery, the paper also deals shortly with treasure hunting and illicit trafficking of archaeological materials of Balochistan.




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