A Chrono-Typology Study of Metal Arrowheads at Barikot (Bīr-koṭ-ghwaṇḍai), Swāt, Pakistan


  • Naghmeh Mahzounzadeh PhD Candidate (Asian and African Studies), Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.


Swāt (Swat), Barikot, Arrowheads, Metal, Chrono-typology


The archaeological examination of arrowheads plays a significant role in understanding technological advancements, offering perspectives on the evolution of weaponry, and shedding light on hunting and warfare practices. The rigorous analysis enables researchers to extract crucial details about craftsmanship, material utilization, and societal behaviors, thereby enriching our comprehension of past civilizations. Notably, the ongoing excavation of the urban site of Barikot in Swat, Pakistan, since 1984 has unearthed a diverse assemblage of arrowheads. This article employs a systematic approach to provide a chrono-typology, categorizing these artifacts and conducting a thorough analysis of their morphology to elucidate morphological changes over time.




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Mahzounzadeh, N. . (2024). A Chrono-Typology Study of Metal Arrowheads at Barikot (Bīr-koṭ-ghwaṇḍai), Swāt, Pakistan. Journal of Asian Civilizations, 46(2), 87–105. Retrieved from https://jac.qau.edu.pk/index.php/jac/article/view/202