Pir Shah Jurio at Risk: A Coastal Harappan Site on the Bank of Hub River


  • Waqar Ali Chang PhD Candidate, Taxila Institute of Asian Civilizations, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.


Coastal sites, Indus valley civilization, Karachi, Sindh


The civilisation of the Indus Valley is spread across several naturally resource-rich areas, a reason for internal and external trade. Connectivity from one area to another should be the reason why the thousand settlements support each other from different perspectives. The Karachi region, located in an important geographical position between the mountain belt to the north and west and the plains to the east, its maritime environment should be an important source of seafood at the time. Unfortunately, many of the sites prior to detailed studies have been little studied or even are now at risk from building and industrial expansion. One very important site is Pir Shah Jurio, strategically located on the eastern bank of the Hub River and only 5 kilometres north of the sea in the Karachi region.




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